Tic-Tong Flavored Tongue Depressors – Pack of 10

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The use of Tic-Tongยฎ has shown reduction of discomfort and fear in children during a doctor’s visit. These tongue depressors indicated to facilitate the exam of the mouth, throat and adjacent organs, and oral motor exercise. Tongue depressors can be used by medical use by pediatricians, ENT’s, family physicians, general practitioners, dentists, speech-language pathologists and other health professionals.

  • Provides positive results, regarding examination results, therapeutic results
  • Facilitates examination, making exams faster and less stressful
  • Improves interaction with patient and analysis for reaction
  • Eliminates anguish and fear caused by ordinary wood tongue depressors (especially for kids)
  • Makes children want to visit their doctors
  • Stimulate all 5 senses: Doctors hear the whole detail message because the new and different tongue depressor stimulate a great deal of interaction and discussion, They see and admire the brilliant fluorescent colors, They smell and are intrigued by the aroma of the product, They touch it and take one out of the wrapping for closer examination, They even taste it out of curiosity. This is particularly important for children with autism and sensory issues who respond well to sensory stimulation
  • Non-toxic plastic material
  • 10 Assorted animal figures and colors/flavors inside the pack
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Sugar, latex or medicine substances
  • MEASURES: 5 1/2″ Long x 5/8″ Wide.


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